Wrong Gear Tactical Warrior Mask Ops

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Wrong Gear Tactical Warrior Mask Ops

Product Description

Wrong Gear Warrior Mask is the latest in tactical fashion and offers basic face protection from the sun, wind, sand, dust, or for any outdoor activity.  The shemagh material is 100% cotton.  The mask also has a 100% ventilated polyester mesh material on the face/mouth area for comfort and it helps to prevent moisture from your breath to fog up your goggles.  A reinforced Velcro strip at the back of the Warrior Mask makes it much easier to put on and take off than a normal shemagh.  The Warrior Mask can also be worn as a neckerchief for warmth in cold weather and it is also designed to be not as hot or uncomfortably thick around your neck as a regular shemagh during hot days.

Wrong Gear Warrior Mask Demo

1. Creased nose bridge for better hold and comfort.
2. Polyester mesh keeps the nose dryer.
3. All Wrong Gear masks attach together at the back of the neck with Velcro® for easy adjustability.