CQB Single Point Rifle Bungee Sling Color Tan

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CQB Single Point Rifle Bungee Sling Color Tan

Product Description

CQB Tactical Single Point Bungee Sling (Color: TAN)

Hands down one of the best Single Point Sling on the market. This sling is made of heavy duty high strength nylon straps. Special polymer blend reinforced buckle designed for durability and quick detachment during combat. This sling is tested with over 250lbs of force.

Description :

  • Single point sling
  • color: Tan
  • Dual bungee construction
  • HK snap hook adapter covered with elastic
  • Side-release buckle to release adapter and sling
  • 1 1/4 inch webbing, with Duraflex buckles.
  • Brand: CoiTAC


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